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Activities in Highland Perthshire

Around Pitlochry

Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Pitlochry Festival Theatre Known as 'Scotland's Theatre in the Hills' has one of the most skilled ensembles of actors in the UK who in the Summer season allow visitors to see up to 6 different plays in a week. Pitlochry Festival Theatre is truly unique, and now runs a Winter programme.

Pitlochry Dam and Salmon Ladder
Pitlochry Dam and Salmon Ladder Each year between April and October an average of 5400 Salmon fight their way up stream to the feeding grounds, to spawn in the upper reaches of the River Tummel. They must bypass the Electric dam at Pitlochry by travelling through the interconnected pools that form the 'Pitlochry Salmon ladder' up and around the dam. Come and observe this, you may see a Salmon and watch the interactive exhibition on the theme of electricity from the dam to the customer and Salmon story.

Heathergems Is a unique and imaginative range of jewellery and giftware made from natural heather stems. Beautifully hand crafted in the factory shop in Pitlochry.