Tigh Na CloichThe History of Tigh Na Cloich Hotel

What’s in a Name? Tigh Na Cloich


(An Historic Lookout point)

The Tigh Na Cloich Hotel occupies the site of a large rock which was removed by blasting when the original house was built in 1879. The rock was known as the Sentinal Stone and gave its name to Pitlochry. The name Pitlochry is a corruption of the Gaelic ‘’Pit-Cloich –Aire’’ Meaning the Place by the Sentinel Stone and is believed to be associated with the Picts of 2000 years ago. The hotel sits on the site of a former Historic Lookout Point of An old Roman Encampment on the banks of the River Tay and in the winter months the enchanting view of the Loch and the river Tay can be seen from Tigh na Cloich Hotel.